About Dr. Jian Shu

Dr. Shu is a graduate of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the best medical schools in China. She completed the five-year medical program in 1989, specialized in Acupuncture and Chinese massage (Tui-Na). After her graduation, she practiced acupuncture in a major hospital in Beijing. Dr. Shu is certified by NCCAOM in 1992, registered and licensed in New York State in 1993, and is now practicing acupuncture in Syracuse area.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Shu regularly gives seminars at Onondaga Community College and teaches an acupuncture detoxification course at Bright Path Counseling Center. She also appears frequently at various local seminars to promote acupuncture. For a schedule, please check Bulletin Board.

Dr. Shu is also a well trained Chinese herbalist. She often uses herbs to enhance the result of acupuncture. For any questions regarding acupuncture/Chinese herbs/Tui-Na, please feel free to call Dr. Shu.